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August 1, 2012
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You sat in your chair by the rusty old window, overlooking the busy London streets.   In the distance you could see the top of the towering Big Ben, telling the current time in this section of the world.   You sighed sadly, looking at the suitcase in the corner of your bedroom.  Of course there was a plethora of assorted things to do in the magnificent city of London, but there wasn't enough currency in your pocket to pay for such activities and sight-seeing.

You were a young witch in training, and it was the time were you were to take your first big steps into the world.  Saying that you were a witch isn't a bad thing, simply that you could do various things that were considered fictional to the rest of world.    Tomorrow was the day you would get "pushed out of the nest" so to speak, by your parents.  Out into the real world.   You took notice in one of your "mysterious potion experiment" in a open glass bottle on your desk.   It was a peculiar color, not one that could simply be described.  Then, you heard a voice from the downstairs of your small home.
"_______, get down here and deliver this letter!"  Your mother yelled, waiting you to carry yourself down the stairs and appear before her.

"Coming, mother!" You yelled back, and you rushed to get downstairs, trying not to upset your mother.  

Although, in the process, you knocked over your "mysterious potion experiment" sending the liquid flying onto your clothes and skin.   Now, within seconds you were no longer your usual self, for the liquid changed you.  Into a cat.  As surprising as it may be, this wasn't the first time this had happened to you, so it didn't phase you.  There was a potion that your mother could give you that would fix it.   Climbing out the clothes that once fit, you trotted down the stairs, to see what your mother needed.

"______! What on earth? Not again!" Your mother screamed, upset by the fact that you had managed to turn yourself into a cat.

"Meow~" Was all you could say, which really translated into, "Please give me a potion to fix this."

"Sorry, dear.  I don't have a potion to fix that.  And since you leave tomorrow, you going to either have to find the potion yourself or stay like that."  Your mother sighed, continuing. "Well, that can't stop you from delivering this letter, so do this for me, will you?" With that said she threw the letter on the ground, right in front of you.  

"Arthur Kirkland, the address is on the letter, get it to him as soon as you can."  With a huff, your mother was gone, murmuring about silly of a daughter you were.

Following your mother's instructions, despite your condition, you read the address and headed out to that location, knowing exactly were it was.  The busy streets were dangerous for such a small body as yours, so had to pay attention to movements of the bustling people that you would normally overlook.  Soon enough, you arrived at the house with the address printed on the letter.  

You tried to paw at the doorbell, but were unable to reach it or the mail slot.  However, with perfect timing a man opened the door.  He wore a three-pointed hat and thick clothing.  His eyes were a emerald green that reflected the light, and sandy blond hair with thicker eyebrows than the usual man, but fit his countenance all the same.  
"What do we have here?"  He asked, prying the letter from your mouth, then opening it and reading it's contents.

"Oh I see.." He murmured, looking down at you.  "So you're ______."

Surprised that he knew your name, and with your job done, you went to take your leave.  However, you were stopped when the Englishman picked up your small body, cradling it.  

"You're not going anywhere, I need to fix you up!" He said, taking you inside, much to your dismay.  You didn't fight against it, though, since you assumed this was something that had to do with your mother.  

"My name is Arthur Kirkland." The man spoke, placing you on his kitchen table while he rid himself of his hat and heavy clothing.   To your surprise, it revealed that he had furry cat-like ears on top of his head, along with a tail.  The fur was a blonde  a shade darker than his hair, complementing him.

Arthur dug into his kitchen cabinet as though he was looking for something.  He took out a small bottle, taking the liquid inside and pouring into a small dish.  "Drink up." Said he, putting the dish in front of you.  "You're a cute kitty but I'm sure being one is not your cup of tea."  

You obeyed drinking the dish's contents until there wasn't anything left.  This mysterious liquid transformed you, turning you from a cat, to what seemed human again.  You tugged at the new clothes the covered you, ones you had never seen before.
After a few moments you realized you were not fully human as you once were, for you had cat ears and a tail, much like Arthur.  

"I'm sorry, I don't know how to turn you back into a human.  You'll just have to settle with that, I hope it suits you well." Arthur mumbled embarrassingly, tugging at his ear.  "At least I was able to add an ingredient that would clothe you."

"Thank you, Mr. Kirkland." You spoke, thankful that you were no longer such a small size as you once were.

"No worries, love. Just call me Arthur."  The Englishman spoke, pouring two cups of freshly brewed tea.  "Here." He set one of the cups in front of you.

"Thanks, Arthur." You took a sip of the tea, and it soon warmed you. "Now, I have a question. How do you me?"

"Oh well, I do have to explain that don't I? Your mother contacted me, she would like me to take you under my wing as an apprentice.  As you may not know, I am a wizard.   Not a very high, ranking one, but a wizard all the same.  It's time for you to go out on your own is it not? I'd like to train you in magic, if you're willing." Arthur had since finished his tea, repouring his cup with more.

"I'd like to, if it isn't too much trouble." You stated rather shyly.  "As of tomorrow I have no where to stay."

"Now you do! Isn't that great? I have an apprentice!" Arthur seemed to be caught up in himself for a moment, then snapped out of it.  "Welcome home, love." He gave you a genuine smile, his tail swaying behind him.

"Thanks again.  If you don't mind, I'd like to go and get my things." You said, making your way to the door.

"Wait! You can't go out looking like that.  Take this hat and jacket, cover up your features."  Arthur handed the items to you, then you took then, putting them on.

"Alright, I'll be back soon!" You smiled, walking out the front door of your new home.


You arrived back at Arthur's home to see him in the den, reading a newspaper.
"Welcome back!" He put his newspaper down on the coffee table, jumping up to greet you. Arthur soon took your suitcase and your jacket along with your hat, revealing your cat-like features.  "You're room is right this way." Following your new master, you were lead to your new room.  It was a nice size,  it had a bed with a bouquet of flowers sitting atop it.  

"Aww this is so sweet!" You blushed, kissing Arthur on the cheek, causing him to blush.

"I'm glad you like it, I hope it's enough." Arthur set your suitcase down on the floor.  "I have just one thing I'd like you to do around the house, if you can."

"What is that?" You asked, quite curious for what it was he was requesting of you.

"Can for us?"  He blushed deeply out of embarrassment. "You see, I've been eating off of frozen foods because I can't cook." Arthur's cat-like ears twitched, and his tailed waved.

"Oh sure, anything to help." You responded, hugging your new house-mate tightly. "Thank you."

You lived with Arthur for all time, loving him dearly, for the two of you climbed the magical ladder to become the most powerful mages in the unspoken history of magic.
The goes from Human ---> Cat -----> Neko :XD: lol

This was part of an art trade for :iconnekomimi2229:. I hope you like it! She's an amazing artist, so check out her work if you can! (: So I did a Neko story for her, I hope it's okay! ^^

I hope everyone likes it! I've never done a story such as this one before.

A bit of the storyline was inspired by Kiki's Delivery service, but only the beginning. The part where you are a witch who is about to be out on your own was inspired by that movie, but the rest was by me. :XD:

I do not own you, Hetalia, Kiki's Delivery Service, or anything else besides the storyline. That is all.

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